Olá Rio!

After a 2 hour flight to Lisbon, followed by a 10 hour flight to Rio, we finally arrived at our apartment (just off Copacabana beach) at around 10pm local time.

After all of the travelling, I was quite frankly just relieved to be able to move my limbs freely after so long being cooped up. I realise for hardcore travelers, I most likely sound quite feeble, but for me it was A LOT of travelling, I’ll need to up my stamina!

The apartment owner met us in the lobby, showed us our room etc etc. He was really brilliant for us as it was our first time in Brazil, and he provided some helpful support a bit later in the trip.

The apartment was a residential building that other Brazilians lived and it provided a great base to start our explorations from. If you’re interested in a self-catered apartment in the centre of Copacabana, I’d definitely recommend it! See tripadvisor for the details!

On the first day we explored Copacabana and the surrounding area, walking along the beach, drinking fresh coconut water (from the actual coconut!)

Given that we love to drink coconut water at home, it was a massive treat to have it out there, and we had quite a few stops along the walk. The beach itself was 4km long, and with the temperature being around 27 degrees, it was important to stay hydrated!

There were also loads of exercise stations along the way, we guessed it might have something to do with the Olympics being held there next year…but that’s only a guess. Along with the numerous runners jogging up and down, and people who had hired bikes to explore the area, it was a sporty hive of activity- the Brazilians and tourists clearly take their fitness seriously!

Part of what I loved about the city, was that not only did you have a beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear water, but surrounding you were amazing hills and mountains, swamped in tropical plants and trees. Even amongst the busy roads and multi-storey buildings, vines crept up the concrete and gigantic trees sheltered the pavements. It was beautiful.

After a quick bite to eat, we decided to find Sugar Loaf Mountain. The views were awesome after riding up in the cable carts, we even saw some wild Cappuchins in the trees- needless to say I was pretty excited…turned out wild monkeys would be a common theme of the holiday, although I don’t think my excitement got any less each time (I’m somewhat of an animal freak).


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