Bom dia Brazil!

So…our first leap into the world of ‘travelling’ began in January 2015. After the Mulled Wine and selection boxes had run dry, and the Christmas trees were beginning to look tired and bedraggled, we decided we needed to have something else to look forward to.

We discussed a number of places that were on our Bucket List; New Zealand, Australia, Thailand… but we weren’t sure where to begin.

One night we sat down to watch Rio (yes…the animated children’s film) and I won’t lie I was won over by the bright colours and wildlife.

Now, before you begin to think that i’m a complete idiot, I was well aware that it wasn’t going to be identical to the animated paradise that was portrayed…it just acted as a starting to point from which our ideas snowballed.

So, the next weekend we booked into STA travel in Manchester to speak to a ‘travel expert’ and our plans  began to evolve.

After much deliberation, we decided to start in Rio, stay for three nights before flying to Iguassu Falls, then move on to Manaus as a stopping place before a jaunt in the Amazon Rainforest. After that we decided we may need a well-deserved break, and so booked in for 4 nights at Ilha Grande, a beautiful island off the mainland where there were no roads. I’ll write up specific information about each place- there’s too much to say in one page on all four destinations!

STA travel were great in terms of helping us find different places of interest and linking up appropriate flights, I’d definitely use them again for the preliminary part of my travel booking.

After we’d booked and paid for the flights, all that was left to do was to save a little each month so we’d have no worries about spending money…and look forward to our trip that was just past the horizon…

Next page: OLÁ RIO! 

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