Protein Lunch- Tuna Steak


I try to go carbohydrate-light at lunch times and load up on protein and veg instead. Judging by another meal I’ve posted, I’m starting to think I may be a bit obsessed with tuna steak and sugar snap peas- other types of fish and vegetables do make it on the menu.

For this meal it is really straight, all you need is:

-1/2 packet ready mixed salad leaves

-handful sugar snap peas

-3 carrots peeled and chopped into sticks

-3 spring onions

-1 tuna steak

-1 tbsp houmous

Pop salad leaves on the plate with the carrot sticks. Rinse peas and onions, chop ends of onions and chop fairly finely. Heat a tsp of olive oil in a pan at a medium heat, put tuna steak in for 3 minutes, turn and heat for another 3 minutes. This leaves it slightly rare in the middle, you can always leave it in for more/less time to suit your taste. Meanwhile, I also add the onions and peas to the pan and give them a quick nudge throughout to stop them catching. Some people may want to cook these off in a separate pan, but all in one has suited me fine thus far 😀

Bang all of the ingredients on top of the salad and carrots and add your houmous at the side.