GYM bunny/sloth


Photo courtesy of Total Fitness 

So this is my gym of choice and I love it. There are quite a few local to me, but I just love the range of equipment that they have here. The size is also quite nice…big enough to not feel like you’re staring into someone else’s eyes when you’re on a machine. It opens early and closes late too, so it’s a winner all round.

So as you may know, I’ve started the 10K beginnger running programme, but in between I also hit the gym to ensure an all over workout and because I enjoy it. At the moment it’s that big mumma summer holiday (I’m a teacher) so I’m indulging myself to lots of workouts during my free time. The challenge will be continuing when the workload becomes intense!

At the moment my workout generally consists of:

-20 minutes bike (1 minute strenuous, 1 minute more chilled x10)

-20 minutes cross trainer (As above)

-mini circuit consisting of 10 box jumps, 10 tricep dips, 10 ‘squat bounces’ (throwing bouncy medicine ball against target and squatting after catching, continuous movement)  x5

-10 weighted squats x5 followwed by 5 weighted squats x5 with bigger weight

I want to mix it up a bit, so I think I’m going to use the Stairmaster amongst other machines a bit more…and maybe some dead lifts…I’ll let you know when a new workout takes form.

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