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So as I mentioned on my other post, I was inspired by Nerd Fitness  to try some strength training to reach my goals, and my awesome boyfriend was more than willing to write a workout program for me (he likes that kind of thing :P).

So on Sunday afternoon (after, I might add, driving 3 hours in total to visit a dog we’re hoping to rehome and feeling very tired- I was feeling very feeble and needed some encouragement) I went to the gym and undertook part one of the 3 sessions he had planned for me, it consisted of the following:

-squats just using the barbell to warm up (10 reps)

-squats using 10 kg on barbell (8 reps)

-squats using 20 kg on barbell (6 reps)

-squats using 30 kg on barbell (4 reps)

-squats using 35 kg on barbell (2 reps)

(the barbell weight 20kg , just FYI 😉

The whole time I focused on form; ensuring the movement was like sitting in a chair, pushing my bum back, keeping my back straight, keeping the weight in the heel of my foot (so that, should I feel the need, I was always able to ‘wiggle my toes’).

Then we did: 5 sets of 10 kettle bell swings (12kg), 50 Russian Twists using an 8kg medicine ball, the same pyramid set of tricep pulls on the machine as above (increasing the weight and decreasing the reps) and then I was done.

At the end I felt fine, completely different to a cardio or circuit session.  The surprise came the next day when my whole body ached, but in that good way when you know you’ve worked hard. I’m looking forward to my next sessions, which I’ll post about when they’re done, and then being able to squat more and more weight.


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