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Why crash diets aren’t worth the hassle

From (many) personal experiences, I knew crash diets weren’t a good idea. Even if they worked in the short term, I always ended up gaining weight again in the end.

This article is great at explaining some of the science behind why this is the case:

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Do You Know Why Plant-Based Foods Are Health Essentials?

Some brilliant examples of why plant based produce is a winner!

As we know, there are vast differences between foods made from animal products and plant-based foods. Beyond the obvious difference of where these two food groups come from, there is also nutritional differences that it is great to be aware of. You might not have heard the reasons why it is essential not to negate plant-based foods as a prominent part of your diet. In this post I am going to discuss certain nutrients that you simply can’t get in adequate amounts from meat products.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, vitamin C is not present in beneficial amounts in any cooked animal products. On the flip side, vitamin C is found in abundance in many vegetables and fruits. This is an essential vitamin that maintains connective tissue as well as preventing a wide range of health problems that are caused by vitamin C deficiency. It can also help…

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I did it!!!

The 1 hour run was looming over me and I didn’t know if my legs were even capable of running for that period of time this soon into the plan…alas they could!

Now I’m sure many a person will scoff at my delight, but for me it is a great achievement! I ran 10.07km during the time which I am also happy with.

One thing that does strike me as odd though, is that the ‘beginner’ -0k training plan basically includes a 10k run in the third run of the training…whaaaaat?

I thought it would be gradually working me up to the distance but apparently not. Hey ho, clearly i was capable of it so I’m glad it aimed high for me! I guess the next 7 weeks will be about improving my stamina and speed then…

Next run—> an ‘easy’ 45 minute run. Now that to me sounds like a contradiction in terms, but I’ll be foolish and go for it anyway.

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Another (holiday) day, another gym workout

So I’ve seriously got the gym bug at the moment and as a result am making the most of it whilst I have the time (and inclination)! After the 30 minute run (and considering I had a 1 hour run coming up the next day) my boyfriend suggested we go to the gym when he cam back from work. Trying to save my legs, I agreed but vowed to explore the upper-body options. I ended up doing the following workout:

  • 5 mins on Stairmaster (I know this isn’t upper body but just wanted to try it! Lame time but I’m going to build up)
  • 50 leg raises

First mini circuit, 3 sets of:

  • 1 min plank
  • 50 Russian twists with medicine ball
  • 25 kettle dead lift/ clean per arm

Second mini circuit, 3 sets of:

  • 10 chest presses with 4kg Dumbbells
  • 10 lunge and bicep curls on each leg with 4kg Dumbbells

Followed by:

  • 100 seated rows 22kg
  • 100 Lat pulls 22kg
  • 5 sets of 10 weighted squats (30kg)

After this I had a good stretch and felt rather proud of myself. I feel like the weights I’m lifting at the moment are pretty small, and will be changing this as I go along, increasing where needed. But as I also want to tone up rather than build muscle, I’m not too concerned about lifting as heavy as possible.

As far as I’m aware, for what I want to achieve, it’s better to go lighter with more reps. However I also want to make sure I’m challenging myself so it’ll be in constant review. I think it’s exciting to see how you improve as well so that all plays a part.

Now…to motivate myself for this hour run…

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10K plan continued…

So today was only the second run of the training plan so far, but I’m still feeling pretty proud of myself as I tick the ‘completed’ box when another challenge has been accomplished.

Today was an ‘easy 30 minute run’, which the app suggests means that you can carry out a conversation for the duration- fine by me! I dragged my dad along for the conversation element (I figured it’s good for him now he’s retired, he says he’ll do the whole plan with me, fingers crossed) and the whole thing was pretty enjoyable. I’m used to just running a route, so running to time was slightly different, but the route we planned ended up being the perfect time-winner!

Tomorrow is the 1 hour run with pacey bits in the middle- wish me luck!

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Another blog is born

Health, fitness, travel…I am very aware of the fact that I’m not approaching any ground-breaking new topics here, but I also don’t think that’s an issue, because it’s something that I’m passionate about.

I’ve just completed my first year as a newly qualified teacher, and am no stranger to stress and a heavy workload. Juggling work commitments with relationships, friends and family has proved more than difficult at times, and needless to say my commitment to fitness and healthy eating has been sporadic (yes, knew I could get that word in there somewhere!).

Anyhoo, when things are busy and I’m caught in a constant cycle of early get-ups and half-finished to-do lists, I find my priorities start to slip, and I get bogged down with stress and anxieties about things that shouldn’t really matter. For me, healthy eating, exercise and being immersed in nature help me to feel human again, but funnily enough, it is those things that start to fall off my radar when the going gets tough.

So the reason behind this blog is to encourage me to hold onto healthy thinking, communicate with the like-minded and keep in touch with new ideas to help me stay motivated. I endeavor to see the beautiful things this world has to offer and treat my body and mind right in the meantime.

Life contains a lot more than deadlines and workloads…so join me as I celebrate the little things it has to offer.